Why you shouldn’t believe everything you hear about fitness

Why you shouldn't believe everything you hear about fitnessEveryone has ‘a foolproof way’ for you to lose weight and get fit, and they’re often trying to sell it to you, so you need to take pains not to be taken in.

There are plenty of honest, legitimate health and fitness experts out there that can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to learn how to lose weight and get that six pack of your dreams. However, there’s just as many people out there, purporting to be ‘experts,’ that are most likely more interested in separating you from your money in as quickly and efficiently a manner as possible, so it’s important to sometimes take things you hear with a grain of salt.

‘too good to be true’ usually is

It’s no big surprise that the selling of fitness advice and equipment is a massive money-making opportunity. Nearly anyone would go to great lengths to find the ‘magic bullet’ for weight loss and muscle building, if for nothing else but to market it to the masses and make some serious money, which is why the internet and the airwaves are positively glutted with adverts for all sorts of fitness plans and exercise gadgets of questionable worth.

However, the truth is that there’s no perfect weapon when it comes to losing weight or building muscle quickly. This is because that any safe and effective diet and exercise plan requires more than just a few days or weeks of effort, and no amount of ‘groundbreaking’ new secrets or technological advancements will ever change this – and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.

It’s not going to be easy

If you’re looking to get fit, you need to know up front that if there’s anything you need to avoid is any fitness regime that tells you it’s going to be ‘quick and easy.’ It’s going to take effort to change your body in a positive manner, and that means more than just doing a handful of ab exercises for six minutes every day or eating nothing but raw grapefruit for two weeks straight.

No, instead you need to get accustomed to the supreme effort and massive time investment it may take. You need to make smart choices in both diet and exercise, focusing on nutrition and proper exercise regimes designed to burn fat and build muscle both safely and efficiently, and then you need to stick to these choices over a relatively long period of time in order to see substantial results.

This may be disheartening to think about, but it’s true. Save yourself quite a bit of needless pain and suffering and do your homework before falling into any traps!

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Image: Working Out by MikeCogh

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