Why you should bin the crunches and sit ups

Why you should bin the crunches and sit upsThe days of doing a shedload of stomach crunches and sit ups every day in order to get abs are long gone; you need more to get that six pack nowadays.

Conventional wisdom used to be that you can simply crunch your way to a flat stomach and perform hundreds of sit ups a day in order to tone those abdominal muscles and get a set of amazing ripped abs, but it’s been proven that trying to get a six pack that way is like trying to cut down the tallest tree in the forest with a herring: it can’t be done. In fact, here’s why you shouldn’t bother with incessant stomach exercises and adopt a more well-rounded approach.

spot reduction is a myth

If you’ve got a bit of a spare tyre around your middle, you’re not going to get rid of it by doing hundreds of abdominal crunches, no matter what you may think or what you may have been told. That’s because there’s no way to reduce the amount of body fat you have in one particular area: that’s called spot reduction, and it’s a complete and utter myth.

There’s no trick to losing weight, as it’s simply a combination of eating the right types of food in the right amounts whilst also engaging in calorie-burning exercise. Yes, you will burn a few calories by doing innumerable sit ups and crunches every day, but your best bet is to engage in full-body exercises – especially cardiovascular exercise such as walking or jogging, which will jump start your metabolism and burn calories much better than repeatedly sitting up.

You could end up hurting yourself

Abdominal exercises are indeed good for building muscle tone, but there’s a specific way to perform these exercises. Doing them incorrectly will not only reduce the efficiency of your workout but could actually lead to damage to your neck or back, especially in the case of sit ups and crunches.

You should never engage in any sort of health and fitness regime without getting some expert advice, and when it comes to performing specific exercises this is doubly important. Injuring yourself in pursuit of your fitness goals can do more than just discourage and dishearten you when it comes to aiming for your weight loss or muscle definition targets, as you could end up with long-term health problems that can plague you for weeks, months, or in the worst case even years; instead enlist the aid of an expert, whether it be a personal gym trainer or simply an instructional video or book series.

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Image: Abs of Steel by Vox Efx

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