Why you can’t get ‘ripped’ in just a few short weeks

Why you can't get 'ripped' in just a few short weeksIf someone tries to sell you a ‘revolutionary’ fitness system that guarantees to get you ripped abs in just a few short weeks, you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s nothing more than wish fulfillment to think that there are weight loss and workout products that can turn you into a fit supermodel overnight. Purchasing one of these ‘guaranteed’ fitness workout regimes is going to end you being cheated out of your hard-earned money and with nothing to show for it; there’s a wrong way to get fit and lose weight, and then there’s a right way – and the right way is never going to be the quick and easy way.

There are no shortcuts

The simple long and the short of it is that there isn’t any way to lose weight and get fit that doesn’t involve hard work and dedication. No magic pill or fad diet is going to allow you to go to bed one night and then wake up the next morning with six pack abs, and that’s simply because turning your body from flab to fit takes much more than a few days or even a week or so.

Whether it be a brand new fitness gadget that you keep seeing on late night television adverts or if it’s the latest fad diet that will supposedly make inches melt off your waist whilst you eat your own body weight in crisps and takeaway every day, the claims these fitness and weight loss products are absolutely absurd. Take a good look the next time you see some oddball fitness or exercise gadget advertised on television and ask yourself: do you truly think those paid actors got their fit bodies from using whatever it is they’re trying to sell to you?

it’s slow and steady that wins the race

The truth is – and always has been – that consistent changes to your diet and levels of daily exercise are the key to weight loss and overall health and fitness. The best you can hope for when it comes to weight loss is around 1 stone a month, provided you combine a healthy, low-calorie diet with moderate exercise of about 30 minutes at least three times a week, which is a far cry from doing your ‘seven minute abs’ regime every day and then eating like rubbish.

So do yourself a favour and stay away from crackpot schemes that promise outlandish claims such as massive, rapid weight loss or sudden muscle definition with very little effort or after only following the regime for a few weeks at most. The truth is that unless you’re already very close to your fitness goals already, these fitness regimes are not going to be worth the money you pay for them in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.

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