What’s the best workout routine for you?

What's the best workout routine for you?There’s conflicting reports and stories everywhere you look when it comes down to the best workout routines – how do you decide on one that will work for you?

There’s nothing worse than spending hours poring over different sources with differing opinions on what’s the best course of action for someone looking to get fit. Every gym expert seems to have his or her own ‘proven method’ for losing weight and getting ripped abs, and they all have something different to say, so how in the world is anyone supposed to settle on one particular workout routine without going stark raving mad in the process?

Take a systematic approach

You’re going to have to settle upon one solution in the end, so your best bet is to adopt a systematic approach to your search, and your first task is to determine what it is you actually want to get out of your workout regimen. If you’re looking to simply lose weight while getting fit, there are excellent choices to be made, but if you’re looking for a set of six pack abs that you can show off at the beach on holiday, you’re going to need a much more specialised routine than a more simple one devoted to increasing your overall fitness.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lofty goal of dropping down to 2 per cent body fat and boast a set of ripped abs that will make any fitness guru jealous, but if you’re currently 30 stone and the most exercise you get on a daily basis is getting up to go to the loo before walking back to the couch, you’re going to have to pace yourself. Set easy to achieve intermediate goals, slowly working up to your final goal, and you’re going to be able to reach it with much fewer problems than you would encounter if you try to go from 0 to 60 in just a few steps.

Combine exercise with dietary changes

Whatever your fitness goals, you’re going to reach them better if you pair your new workout regime with a nutritional plan that complements it. Whether you want to cut down on the percentage of fat in your body or you want to increase your lean muscle mass, you can’t do it nearly as well by exercise alone; you’re going to have to change your diet to support your efforts.

Your best bet is to speak with a qualified dietitian and explain to him or her what you have in mind when it comes to your fitness goals. These highly trained and educated professionals can give you the information you need to alter your eating habits in order to lose weight, build muscle, increase endurance, or any other goals you may have, and following their instructions will enable you to achieve these goals without sacrificing nutrition or risking harm to your body.

When it comes down to it, there’s no ‘best’ workout routine that’s going to work for everyone who tries it out in an attempt to lose weight and get fit. Instead, you have to find the best regime that works for you and your goals, pair it with a sensible and responsible diet plan, and then stick with it; before you know it you’ll be achieving your goals.

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