What you need to start a cardio exercise regime

What you need to start a cardio exercise regimeOne of the best ways to lose weight and increase your overall fitness is to start a cardiovascular exercise regime, and here’s what you need to be successful.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and eventually transform your body from a flabby flat tyre around your middle to a set of ripped abs, you have to start somewhere – and beginning a cardio exercise regime is going to have to play a central role in your goals. The best way to begin to get fit through cardio is as simple as getting up off the couch, walking outside your door, and walking up and down the block, but before you begin on your journey you need to ensure you’ve got the right equipment and knowledge.

Don’t leave home without it

Whether you’re off for a jog around your neighbourhood or you’re stepping on the treadmill, you need to have a few things to ensure you can work out safely and efficiently. While you may be tempted to shell out hard-earned cash for the latest exercise app for your smartphone, expensive pulse-monitoring armbands, or any other sort of gadget, start off with the absolute essentials.

All you really need in order to get started are a pair of reliable trainers and a set of clothes that will be loose and comfortable to wear. If you feel the need to spend cash, do so by investing in high-quality footwear; it’s the one part of you that touches the ground, and you’re going to minimise risk to your joints if you have well-padded trainers on your feet, and then if you’ve still got some extra money left over in your exercise budget then you can start purchasing superfluous items.

use proper technique

In addition to being fully kitted out properly, you also need to learn how to run. While this sounds a bit queer considering that everyone learns how to run shortly after they master walking as a child, but there are certain techniques you need to incorporate in order to build your stamina and reduce your risk of injury if you’re going to be running regularly.

When running or jogging, push off with your foot, driving it into the ground through the ball of your feet, and then point your toes upward as you swing your feet forward, as doing both will keep you with a stable centre of gravity. Another important tip is that you should keep your elbows bent at at least right angles and keep your arms in close to your body, keep your hands from curling into fists, and pump your arms up and down, not across your chest; this will help you keep a steady running rhythm, minimise the risk of injury to your elbows, shoulders, and wrists, and help with your co-ordination.

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