What do you need to get a six pack?

What do you need to get a six pack?If you think that getting your own set of ripped abs will be an easy task, think twice: it takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication indeed.

With the number of hare-brained schemes available on the market for people looking for shortcuts to high levels of fitness, you would think that it’s quite easy to get a six pack, as it simply takes a handful of sit-ups or stomach crunches every day for a leas a couple of months. Of course, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the process of getting your body fit to the point where you’ve got an amazing six pack to show off is a long and arduous one, despite what anyone might tell you.

you can’t stop for anything

If you’re serious about your fitness goals, you can’t let anything stand in your way – including your own perceived limitations – as even the slightest bit of hesitation on your part is going to wreak havoc on your ability to achieve these goals. Taking a day off from your fitness regime – a regime that has to incorporate more than a few abdominal exercises every day – will not serve you in the least.

That’s not to say that you need to adopt a fitness regime that’s the same thing every day; in fact that can actually hurt your chances of sculpting your body into the shape it needs to be in order to show those abdominal muscles off. Instead, you’ll likely need the help of a qualified physical trainer to design a well-rounded exercise routine for you that will give you an excellent overall workout in the most safe and efficient manner, so don’t hesitate to find yourself someone with the skills and experience to get you on the right track.

garbage in, garbage out

As important as it is to make sure your exercise regime is up to snuff, you’re also going to have to completely overhaul your diet as well – especially since a major component to getting a six pack is eliminating enough body fat that you can see the abdominal muscles clearly. As your current diet is most likely not going to help you lose the weight you need to, you’re going to have to find a qualified dietitian to help you formulate a nutritional plan designed to help you lose weight and build muscle.

While everyone’s particular nutritional needs are different – which is why working with a dietitian is so important – you’re most likely going to end up having to reduce the amount of sugars you intake and instead replace them with better sources of protein as well. This will end up not just promoting higher levels of muscle mass but will also help you to lose weight, and combining a new diet with a strenuous exercise regime is the best way to get yourself that six pack you want so badly.

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Image: SWEAT by Tor Lindstrand

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