Keep active in the winter to stay fitWhen the weather’s cold, wet, and snowy you may feel like it’s a good idea to hibernate for a few months, but there are ways to stay fit over the long winter.

It’s only natural to not want to go out-of-doors in weather that leaves you feeling wet and miserable. However, doing so can prove disastrous to your fitness plans, as no one ever got a set of ripped abs sitting on the couch for months on end and watching television, so you need to not let the cold weather intimidate you into losing weeks worth of progress on your goal to get a flat stomach and build your fitness levels; instead you should embrace the season and engage in fun winter workouts.


If there’s one thing that winter sports and activities are good for it’s getting an excellent cardiovascular workout. Cardio is an integral component of every fitness and weight loss regime, so whether you’re trying to simply lose those last bit of fat around your midriff or if you’ve got a whole spare tyre around your middle you’re trying to rid yourself of, you’re going to have to get your blood pumping.

Winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, or even just engaging in activities such as having a bit of a snowball fight with your mates can lead to excellent fitness results during the colder months, especially since the alternative for most people is to stay indoors and watch too much television. Even taking your dog for a walk is better, as long as you don’t mind muddy paws when you get back inside; as long as you start moving more, you’ll see marked results.

stay warm and dry – and active, too

If you simply can’t bear the thought of going out-of-doors in the bitter cold and wet, you can still keep up with your fitness goals from the comfort of a nice, warm home or the insides of your local gym. If it’s too horrid outside to jog or walk, use your gym’s treadmill; if you can’t get down to the gym, you can do some body-weight exercises such as push-ups right in your living room, and you can stay dry and warm while still getting a bit of exercise.

It doesn’t take much, either – just a few minutes a day will help you maintain your fitness level throughout the winter and prevent you from packing on the weight until the spring breaks. Just 30 minutes of activity five days a week will make sure your body gets enough exercise to keep you from going to seed as the snow and rain beat against your windows.

Image: Kent and me back in the day by gregor_y