The TOP 10 weight loss commandments

One of the things I absolutely love about the evolution of the Internet is the current penchant for weight loss Infographics. They’re great, aren’t they?

One day soon, I promise I’m going to have a go at one myself. But until my youngest comes along and teaches me how, I’m going to have to rely on marvelling at those created by others.

One of my recent favourites was simply entitled 10 Commandments of Weight Loss.

Whilst I take my hat off to the creativity behind many of the popular Infographics, I do sometimes wonder about the accuracy of the content.

At first, this weight loss commandments depiction was no exception. Yet, even though I initially pooh-poohed it, it kept drawing me back to it.

Did each of those weight loss commandments fit in with my program?

After much deliberation, I rather decided they did, even if the odd piece of the jigsaw had to be banged down at the corner to make it fit. Anyway, here’s the top ten, with my own unique take on each:

Top ten commandments for long-term weight loss

1. A good night’s sleep

As well as the obvious need for sleep to reenergise you in body and mind so that you’re fit and focused to execute the six-pack abs workouts, a good night’s kip has hidden benefits, too.

Your metabolism, for one, can be kept stoked so that you use the period of undisturbed sleep to burn calories as you slumber. By eating at the optimum times, you can take control of how and when your body burns fat

2. Structure your weight loss program

There’s an old saying: fail to plan, plan to fail. A ripped six-pack won’t happen overnight. Yes, I know, it’s a bit of a shock.

By setting yourself small, incremental goals, you’re more likely to achieve your goals than gazing dumbfounded at one long road stretching far and away into the distance.

An added bonus of physically planning your schedule is showing it to your nearest and dearest. One, they’ll see that you’re serious. Two, they know when to leave you in peace to get on with it. Don’t underestimate the power of either of those factors.

3. Make a meal of your meal

If you pay £0.75 for a processed ping-meal from one of the frozen supermarkets, does it matter if you leave it or not? Financially, no. What’s more, if you’re filling gaps in your diet with processed food, you’re never going to get a six-pack.

Instead, by choosing your ingredients, doing all of the preparation and creating your masterpiece yourself, you are more likely to eat it and take heart knowing that the ingredients used are 100% beneficial to your strategic weight loss and muscle-building goals than the microwave meal you don’t give a hoot about.

4. Enjoy every meal

In addition to making a meal of your meal, learn to appreciate that your entire menu is fine dining. Okay, by sourcing all of the raw ingredients, you’re probably going to save a heap of cash on your monthly shop.

However, just because it’s cheaper, don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s any less worthwhile. Food should be seen as one of life’s great pleasures. The fact that you’re a) eating healthier than most and b) indulging on nature’s finest for less every day are both positive takeaways.

5. Portion control

One of the biggest learning curves in becoming the master of your own weight management destiny is understanding – and implementing – portion control. Moreover, you’ll never likely be in a better position to master this art than now, following The Definition method diet.

Even if you buy and cook in bulk, you can control every caloric quality, every gram of polyunsatured fat and every carb and protein to deliver optimum nutrition without having to fill your plate to feel satiated.

Master this and it is half – genuinely half – of the battle, in my opinion.

6. Just because it’s on a plate, doesn’t mean you have to eat it

On that note, you have to face facts: the rest of the world isn’t going to stop just because you’ve announced you’re on a six pack mission or weight loss diet. How inconsiderate, I know?

You will go places where you have no control over portion control whatsoever. Enter Mr. Discipline.

If you’re at the mother-in-law’s (she’d love to see you fail, you know it and she knows it) or dining out socially, think about what you’d normally be eating at that time. Then, only eat to suit your scheduled caloric intake.

You’ll get to understand ingredients through your own kitchen escapades and be able to make that call with decent judgement a lot sooner than you think.

7. Don’t wolf your food down

Accomplishing the sea change from two or three large meals a day to six smaller ones takes more than just kitchen prep. To achieve successful fat loss, you need to keep that metabolism ticking over at all times.

By chewing your food and taking your time over it, you’re helping to deliver the constant stream of nutrition necessary to turn your gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract into a fuel line for burning belly fat.

When it’s time for your next meal, you’ll want all of your previous meal digested and on its way around your system – or even on the way out – before you start!

8. Food deprivation will lead to failure

There are going to be times when you feel so hungry you can do nothing else but think of food; these instances can be caused through illness, unforeseen physical activity or even a temporary hormonal imbalance.

By planning your six meals a day, you will keep this to an absolute minimum. But it’s not foolproof.

When such circumstances do arise, make sure that you have healthy snacks, for example fruits containing natural sugars and/or nuts with fats and protein and water to hand.

This type of snack will suppress cravings and help prevent sugar spikes and insulin release, common side effects of sweets, sugary snacks and ‘diet’ pop that prevent weight loss.

9. Synergise your diet with exercise

Not everyone is going to complete all three stages of the abs workout program that accompanies The Definition Method diet, I know that.

Heck, the diet on its own, along with the bonus FastTrack Toolkit and planner that I’m throwing in for a limited time, will get results. Of that I have no doubt.

However, to really get that metabolism ticking, scorching every ounce of fat you eat and then some, it’s the exercise program that maximises the effectiveness of the core weight loss diet.

Combine the two and you’ll have abs that the world can see (and feel) before you know it!

10. Life-changing abs means a change to the way you live life

Talk about saving the best ’til last.

If all of the above weight loss tips have sunk in, you’ll know by now that to get ripped, it takes more than the odd crunch and nibbling on a stick of celery every now and again. At least I hope so.

I’m pulling no punches – a set of washboard abs takes dedication from the moment you get up until your head hits the pillow at night.

Also, depending upon how much weight you have to lose at the outset will obviously determine how many times you need to run the 12-week cycle.

Be patient, stick to it and your consistency and discipline will pay off. I absolutely guarantee it.

And here’s a bonus tip, over and above the 10 from the infographic:

BONUS: Carbs first, Protein second

When you get a hold of The Definition Method, you’ll know how many calories you’re allowed each day based upon that starting weight, your current activity level and other factors.

Within that breakdown, you’ll also know how much of your total caloric intake will be proportioned throughout the three main food groups: carbs, fats and protein.

To maximise the thermic effect of food over and above your metabolism’s resting (basal) rate, learn to scale the percentage of protein and carbs that make up each meal in opposite directions over the course of the day.

I don’t mean go without protein at breakfast then scale down to no carbs come tea time. Protein and fats should be in every meal you eat to prolong the feeling of satiation.

However, by loading your earlier meals with a greater percentage of carbs and the later meals with more protein (protein taking longer to break down), you’ll achieve the meal transition through your G.I. tract more effectively during the day and a constantly-running metabolism burning calories throughout the night.

Who said you couldn’t lose weight whilst you sleep? I beg to differ.

Until next time,

Martin Smith
Author of The Definition Method
[email protected]

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