Here is my list of recommended products, tools and services to help you successfully progress through The Definition Method.

Training Wear

Various clothing – buy online

Personally, i’m a Nike man through and through!

Fitness ball

Reebok ball – buy online
Fitness Mad ball (from £22) – buy online

Medicine ball

Bodymax ball – buy online
Reebok ball – buy online

Free weights or kettlebells

PowerBlock weights – buy online
Bodymax kettlebells – buy online
Ziva barbells – buy online

Weights bench

Bodymax bench – buy online
Bodycraft bench – buy online

Please do let me know how you get on with these products by sending an email to the adress below. I’m always keen to hear from you!

Speak soon,

Martin Smith
Author of The Definition Method
[email protected]

Affiliate Disclosure

I am a firm believer in in transparency and I therefore think that it’s important you know that I may earn an affiliate commission if you buy any of the products listed above.

There are literally thousands of tools like these available online and in the high street today, and whilst I haven’t personally tested every one on the market (there’s only so many hours in a day!), I have only included those products that have been thoroughly researched by my team and I.

The above list is subject to change as new products are launched and following advancements in technology, nutrition, and weight loss studies. We are constantly on the look out for the latest tools to help you in your quest for six pack abs. If something becomes available that we believe is superior to those already provided above, it will be added to the list, but only after our own extensive testing.