Your time is extremely precious, which is why we value EVERY single visitor that’s taken the trouble to visit

In fact, we’ve made it our number one priority to safeguard your privacy and the personal information you choose to share with us.

With that being said, this privacy policy will now outline the specific personal data controls that we have place in place, both at the front and back end of this website.

These include, but are not limited to, how we protect your name, email, contact number(s), and postal address (if you elect to have your paid version of The Definition Method shipped to you).

This privacy policy has been written in accordance with best practice guidelines issued by the Legal Centre UK. It is not a static document, and is therefore liable to change in line with UK or European legislation, as well as advancements in technology and data protection.

Usage of your personal information

We want your overall experience of to be a positive one, and are extremely proactive in making that happen. As such, the team here are constantly testing and refining the content of this website in order to improve the user journey from entry to exit.

As part of this process, we do occasionally collect, save, split-test, and process information about you. This could be used to:

* Send you the free e-course : 10 Secret Ways To Burn Fat.

* Broadcast offers or promotions regarding The Definition Method ebook.

* Contact you about changes or updates to our website, copyright notice or privacy policy.

* Inform you when a new blog post has written published on the site.

* Request general or specific feedback for pages on

* Process or verify email subscriptions.

* Monitor visitors’ behaviour on the site, including the time spent on certain pages, seasonality, website hotspots, and the entry and exit points. is currently 100% owned and controlled by Cheap Deals UK Limited. If, at some future point, we were to merge, sell, or embark on a joint venture with another company or individual, the information we hold about you may be disclosed to this party.

However, unless we are specifically bound by law or government intervention, we shall NOT (ever) pass on your personal data without your written prior approval.

Storage of your personal information

A key component in the success of our online business is the integrity of the servers and hardware that that host our network of websites. This includes robust data security measures and on-going uptime monitoring to minimise the threat of sites, such as, being compromised (hacked).

Make no mistake, the personal data you supply to us via this website is treated with the upmost care, and stored, where possible, in encrypted format on our servers.

Whilst the transmission of information over the internet is never 100% secure, we hope you can appreciate the efforts we make to minimise the risks.

Once your personal information is safely stored on our servers, we shall hold these records for as long as you or the appropriate legislation permits.

Important note regarding cookies

Recent EU guidelines regarding privacy have made it more important that ever to disclose the use of cookies on websites that choose to operate them.

A ‘cookie’ is a small file that is uploaded to your computer via our severs whenever you visit They allow us to identify you (via your IP address, your location, and your operating system, amongst other things). They also tell us what content you viewed and for how long.

We generally use cookies to analyse our visitor’s behaviour onsite and to ultimately improve the relevancy of the blogs, features and news we post to

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you accept or reject our cookie. If you wish, you can configure your computer to reject internet cookies (by default) or ask to be notified when a website attempts to pass a cookie to your web browser.

Updating our privacy policy

Given the ever-evolving use of technology, social media, and the means by which information is shared and stored, this privacy policy is subject to change. Should this happen, we will notify you via a one-off email message and post an update on the home page of the blog.

Getting in contact

If you have a question about the initial capture, storage or use of your personal information on this website, please contact the support team in the first instance.

Opting out

Like most reputable websites, gives it’s users the option of ‘opting out, and removing their personal information from our health and fitness database.

To make this request, please write to our head office:

Cheap Deals UK Limited
Windsor House
Greville Road
Bristol BS3 1LL