How to work your abs whilst pressed for time

How to work your abs whilst pressed for timeThe festive season is the busiest time of the year between attending Christmas gatherings and shopping for gifts, but you don’t have to neglect your abs.

You’ve worked hard for months to get your body fit, and you’ve made excellent progress through a combination of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. You’ve lost weight, gained muscle definition, and your dream of a set of ripped abs is so close you can taste it – but then the festive season rolls around, and you fear you’re going to be so busy that you’ll lose precious weeks as your unable to keep up your exercise – but there are plenty of safe, effective abs workout routines that you can do quickly and get on with your busy day.


You’re cramped for time, what with all the different things you’ve got to get done during the run up to Christmas in between eating, sleeping, and work, so it’s only natural that you adopt a cramped exercise to keep your abs in shape without losing any more time than you have to. This is where cramped sit-ups come in, and no you don’t have to do them in a small, uncomfortable place – they’re simply named that because they’re a combination of two traditional exercises – the abdominal crunch and the typical sit-up.

To perform a cramped sit-up, lay on your back and raise your knees, letting them rest over your stomach, cup your hands behind your head, and keep your feet and legs together. Then, try to touch your knees to your forehead by raising your head and back, and then slowly lower yourself back down nearly all the way down before starting another one – around ten to fifteen repetitions should do quite well.


Another excellent exercise that can be done quickly and yet is a safe and effective method for working your core muscles is called the bridge. Ideal for novices and advanced fitness experts alike, the bridge quite versatile while being much less strenuous than other exercises you can do.

The best way to begin a bridge exercise is to lay down on your back, bending your knees, and keeping your spine in a neutral position. Next, tighten and flex your abdominal muscles and raise your hips from the floor until they end up in one unbroken line with both your shoulders and knees to form a shape not unlike a ramp, and hold it for three long breaths before you return to a neutral position in order to repeat the exercise.

These two exercises are excellent ways to squeeze a few good, high-quality abdominal exercises into your busy day, especially when you’ve got to go from work to the local shops to home, just to get a few hours of sleep so you can get up and do it all over again.

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Image: 2011 Christmas Eve Santa Run by RVWithTito

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