How to maintain fitness even with a busy schedule

How to maintain fitness even with a busy scheduleModern society is full of time commitments, whether they be going to work or looking after your children, but you can squeeze exercise into every busy schedule.

Unless you work outside in the construction industry or some related field, odds are you don’t move about enough during the day to keep your blood pumping and your metabolism humming along. The majority of us work in an office setting, where we stay seated much of the day, only to come home exhausted and with no time to go to the gym – but there are techniques you can use to stay active whilst at work, which will help to get you fit and keep you that way.

it’s all in the movement

You may be tied to a desk for eight hours a day, but just because you’re sitting there at a desk or talking on the phone doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of opportunities to get some exercise in whenever you can. One of the best ways to do this is to get up at least once every sixty minutes, even if it’s just for a few moments, and stretch out, as sitting for long periods of time without moving can lead to many types of back and neck problems.

However, you can do better than just simply stretching your legs for a little bit every hour by eschewing the use of the lift if you work on the second or third storey. Taking a few flights of stairs and getting your blood pumping at least once or twice a day is immeasurably better for you than simply riding the lift up and down; in fact, if you need to go to the facilities whilst at work, you should purposefully choose to visit one on a floor above or below you in order to get another set of stairs in when you can.

Squeeze in some exercise even when you’re not at work

There are ways to incorporate some exercise even for the rare moments that you’re not stuck at work, or if you work from home. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to run the odd errand from time to time or that you need to go out to pick something up from the supermarket, but if you park far from the door when you do, the extra time you spend walking back and forth will do you good.

It doesn’t take much to help get your body working to keep you fit, and the simple act of walking is one of the best ways to do so. It may seem like you’re not really accomplishing much besides frustrating yourself with a long walk from the supermarket to your car, but as you continue to park far away and forcing yourself to walk, the positive effects of getting up and moving your body will begin to accumulate, leading to a healthy, more fit version of yourself that will have a better quality of life.

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