How to lose weight in your sleep

When it comes to weight loss, there’s one word that matters above any other. Diet? Exercise? Training? Surprisingly, none of the above.

Granted, a basic understanding of those three aspects are essential to delivering a leaner, fitter you. However, it is the factor that these three self-regulated forces work upon that will see you not only lose weight, but also keep it off for good.

That word? Metabolism.

Can you really lose weight while you sleep?

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the best weight loss programs, you’ll have no doubt encountered the words ‘fat burning furnace’ or ‘lose weight while you sleep’ on numerous occasions.

They sound dramatic, even unachievable, don’t they?

“Turn my body into a machine that burns calories whilst at rest, even when sleeping? No way!?”

Well the answer is, somewhat remarkably: Way!

The issue glossed over by the points or calorie-counting ‘diets’ that festoon our supermarket shelves and blind us with prime-time advertising is that they can only work as a weight loss tool for the duration you take them. Like antibiotics, only a lot less tasty and good for you.

If you’ve a fair old chunk of weight to lose, counting calories and basing your weight loss programme on diet alone may help a little at first. However, without raising the limit of what your body can consume in calories, you’ll plateau very quickly.

Results will dry up (or worse, reverse), you’ll be back to square one before you can say muffin-tops and, given your abject failure, your confidence will be shattered and you’ll be less willing to give weight loss and/or fitness another crack in the future.

Healthy fats are essential to long-term weight loss success

The key to achieving long-term weight loss success is combining a tailored diet that’s not, and I repeat: not, deprived of ‘good’ fat, carbohydrate and protein, with a bespoke exercise regime.

The fat burning furnace effect is achieved by ensuring that your muscles are protected before, during and after exercise. Providing your body with fuel to burn other than muscle-building protein is the simplest way of ensuring muscle promotion, growth and protection.


Muscle demands that your body cherishes it more than fat. Your body agrees, therefore muscle’s constant call for sustenance is answered long after you’ve finished your workout. Carbohydrate and fat are sacrificed to ensure your protein is retained for as long as possible.

Please, don’t get distracted by that old chestnut, ‘muscle weighs heavier than fat’. True, lean muscle is pound for pound denser than fat.

However, the amount of fat you have to expend to develop that muscle in addition to the calories that muscle will continue to burn post-workout benefits the body a whole lot more than carrying a spare tyre or pair of bingo wings.

We’re all on a diet.

The food you eat is important, of course. It’s just that those who’ve reached the point where they know they have to lose weight have also recognised that their diet is not working for them.

And that’s a really big deal.

Recognising that there’s something wrong and proactively seeking to do something about it is the first step towards successful long-term weight loss; almost like ordering the fuel and the black lead ready to get those calorie-burning coals ready, if you will?

Now let us hold hands, put your faith in me and allow me walk you through the next crucial steps to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals and, more importantly, how to remain in shape for good.

It’s a lot less painful than you think.

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