How to lose weight both swiftly and safely

How to lose weight both swiftly and safelyAlmost everyone wouldn’t mind losing a bit of weight, and preferably sooner rather than later, so here are some top tips on doing it quickly and safely to boot.

It’s common to want swift results when it comes to weight loss, as our current culture values speed and efficiency, especially since our lives are all so hectic. You may think that losing weight quickly and doing it in a safe manner might be a tall order, but it’s truly not, provided you follow a few easy guidelines and do your best to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Skip the fad diet

There’s simply no way you’re going to get long-term results if you adopt one of those fad diets that are always going in and out of vogue like the tides. Your results simply won’t last, and there are much safer and more healthy options open to you if you choose correctly.

Medical experts say you can lose as many as three pounds a week when you combine exercise with a healthy diet. In fact, dropping your caloric intake by only 500 calories every day of the week will result in anywhere from one to two pounds of weight loss, but exercising more and eating less will result in even quicker weight loss: exercising for one hour a day and eating 1,200 calories or less every day will see you losing as many as 5 pounds in a single week, those who are quite heavy will see even greater losses.

Get up off your couch

Exercise is a massive part of any weight loss regime, but you don’t have to go for a marathon every week if you’re looking to start dropping excess weight. In fact, all you need is around one hour every day of moderate exercise to maximise your weight loss.

At first, your best bet is to start with cardiovascular exercise, as that will burn the highest number of calories and get your metabolism humming along. Once you’be begun to lose weight, you should also consider integrating some strength training as well, for at least a few hours every week, in order to make sure you’re replacing that fat with lean muscle mass.

Whether it’s an exercise regime or it’s a dietary plan, the most important thing is to stick with it and not give up. This can be extremely difficult to do over longer periods of time, but even quick weight loss takes quite a bit of time to begin seeing results, so you’re going to have to make sure you’re consistent if you want to see results.

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