Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans, but just because you’ve had an exercise regime interrupted doesn’t mean you can’t pick it back up.

Whether it’s a prolonged illness, a new child joining your family, or simply a lack of motivation, there are a myriad of ways that you could slip off the wagon and end up not following through on an established exercise regime. While there’s nothing wrong with this – life happens, after all – there’s no reason you can’t get back up on that wagon and continue on your path to fitness, even if you might have to backtrack a few miles.

SEt realistic goals and plans

If you’ve been neglecting your exercise regime for a few weeks or months, neither your mind nor your body will not be ready to just pick up where you left off. Instead, you’re going to have to ease yourself back into it, and that means planning your comeback by using realistic goals and setting targets that you can reach safely and easily at first.

If you had been running an hour a day, five days a week, before you took your little holiday from exercising regularly, there’s no way you can just slip back on the treadmill and not end up frustrating yourself because you can’t keep up with your old pace. Not only that, but you run the risk of injuring yourself if you try too hard to match your previous fitness levels, so instead start yourself off at a slower speed, a shorter overall amount of time for each session, or fewer sessions in a given week, taking time to work back up to your previous levels of fitness.


If you’re getting back into a fitness regime, you should also consider adopting more than just an exercise plan. Starting over gives you an excellent opportunity to make a more well-rounded approach to your overall fitness levels by making changes to your lifestyle that will support a healthier mind and body.

Now is the best time to change your diet, choosing to incorporate healthy, high fiber, low fat, and high protein meals rich in fruits and vegetables. You can also choose now to get rid of any nasty habits such as smoking or regularly having one too many pints down at the local pub with the boys, as eliminating these vices will support your health just as much as training your body to run or lift weights, and taken all together will lead to a much higher level of fitness – in fact you might be in better shape than you were before you quit your regime the first time before you know it!

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