How to avoid making common gym mistakes

How to avoid making common gym mistakesMaking a commitment to your own personal health and wellbeing is admirable, but make sure to avoid certain mistakes in your zeal to craft the perfect body.

So you’ve decided to commit to your New Year resolution and live your life in a more healthful way. This is a fantastic decision that should not just be celebrated but also supported by everything you do; along with changing your eating habits, going to the gym regularly is an excellent way to begin getting fit, but you should be aware that there are some common mistakes that many people new to an exercise regime tend to make so you can successfully avoid them.


One of the biggest mistakes that nearly everyone new to exercise and fitness makes is working your body too hard and for too long. New fitness fanatics go to the gym five, six, even seven days a week and then wonder why they’re not seeing any sort of results because they don’t realise that their body needs some time off for recovery in between workout sessions, and this lack of progress discourages them – sometimes to the point of throwing in the towel!

The truth is that the muscles in your body need periods of rest in between periods of exertion. A day of working out needs to be followed by a day of not exercising, as it gives all those muscles time to recover; most exercise experts and gym instructors recommend you only visit the gym three to four times a week, spreading them out and leaving room for days off in between.


Another all-too common mistake made by those who are highly motivated to increase their overall level of fitness is to engage in rigorous gym exercise even when they’re feeling a bit under the weather, as they’re labouring under the false assumption that working out can somehow knock a case of the sniffles right out of your system. Unfortunately, you couldn’t be farther than the truth in a situation like that, as working out with a nascent cold will almost guarantee exacerbating your condition.

The reason why exercising with a cold – besides the fact that you run the risk of exposing other people at the gym to whatever you could be suffering from – is that you’re essentially over-taxing your immune system. When you engage in rigorous exercise, you’re actually doing minor damage to your muscles, which triggers your immune system to repair and strengthen them after you’re done – but if you’re exercising whilst sick, your immune system is being pulled in two different directions at once, resulting in your cold running rampant through your body; do yourself a favour and let your illness run its course before suiting up for the gym once again.

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