How to adjust your exercise goals in the festive season

How to adjust your exercise goals in the festive seasonChristmas is nearly here, and the festive season is often one that can be filled with excess – but here’s how to adjust your exercise goals yet still enjoy it.

You can still enjoy your Christmas without feeling that you’re missing out or neglecting your daily exercise regime during this most busiest of seasons. It’s nearly impossible to get all the Christmas shopping done and move forward with the rest of your life in addition to keeping up with your fitness routine, but you can actually have your cake and eat it too, as long as you make smart decisions and are open to compromise.


Unless you’ve got a magic police box, you’re not going to be able to go back in time and regain those hours you’ve lost in running about getting you and your family ready for Christmas, so you’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that you’ve got less time for your exercise routine during the festive season. However, what you can do is to adjust the amount of time you exercise for on a daily basis, as a shortened exercise session is far and above much better than no exercise at all.

Medical experts say that you can attain your Christmas exercise goals much more easier if you cut back your normal hour-long workout to only 20 minutes. This makes it much easier to fit into a hectic daily schedule, yet is just long enough for your body to reap the benefits of exercise; yes, you won’t be making as many fitness gains as you would if you kept to an hour-long session, but 20 minutes is still a sufficient amount of time for your body to benefit from the activity.

Everything’s better together

For the majority of us, the festive season just wouldn’t be very festive at all without the company of our friends, family, and loved ones, and can often be the only time you get to see certain people that live far away. However, you don’t have to just sit about with these loved ones, as you can actually engage in exercise together, even if it’s just doing a bit of walking.

Likewise you can change the blueprint of your Christmas gatherings by organising one that revolves around an activity instead of simply eating a large meal. You can have a night out somewhere and engage in physical activity before then going on to enjoy a lighter, healthier meal together as a group, allowing you to keep your activity levels up whilst also spending time with friends and family – and who wouldn’t like a little ice skating or Christmas wassailing instead of sitting about on the sofa, groaning after a much too-large meal, and wondering why you keep doing this to yourself every year?

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Image: Ice Skating in Beijing by IvanWalsh

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