Healthy eating options to lose weight

Healthy eating options to lose weightIf you’ve been trying your hardest to lose weight but to no avail, you may need to rethink your strategies with these tips on eating right and getting fit..

There’s an old saying that six pack abs are made in the kitchen, and for the most part, that old adage is an accurate one. The majority of any fitness plan will involve weight loss, and while regular exercise will move you down the path to fitness, you can’t get there alone without altering your eating habits – so that means that you need to choose healthier eating options in order to maximise any weight loss or exercise regime.

It’s not all raw eggs and marathons

For anyone who’s seen the classic Sylvester Stallone movie “Rocky,” you’ll remember that iconic scene when the boxer cracks open a few raw eggs and drinks them right down before setting off before the crack of dawn on a long, exhausting run. Well, sorry to disappoint you but unless you’re in training to take on Apollo Creed you’re not going to have to resort to such drastic measures – though you are welcome to if you’d like.

Instead what you can do is to start off small and work your way up when it comes to changing your eating habits, and the more of a drastic change to your lifestyle that you want to make, the slower you need to take it; doing it in stages is the best way to do so in order to avoid shock to your system. One of the best examples of slow change over time would be to eliminate all sugary beverages such as soft drinks from your diet, replacing them with water with every meal, as doing just that alone can result in losing weight – even if you don’t change anything else – and while the weight loss may be marginal, when combined with other small changes, it adds up over time.

Consistency is key

Another important tip is to always stick with your plans when it comes to changing your diet. If you can make a decision, the best thing to do is to follow that decision in as consistent a manner as possible; this doesn’t mean you can’t slip from the path you’ve laid out for yourself from time to time, as you’re only human, but it does mean that you’ve got to get right back on it – and without feeling guilt or recrimination.

Let’s say that you’ve decided to scale back considerably on more than just soft drinks but also things like sweet confections such as cakes. If you’re out with your friends and family, celebrating an important milestone such as the birth of a new child, the anniversary of your grandparents’ marriage, or something similar, you shouldn’t feel as if you can’t have a small slice of cake to join in the celebrations; enjoy it, along with the festivities, and then go right back to your dietary plan the very next day.

Yes, you’ll have a little bump in the road for the day that you treated yourself, but if you’ve been consistent up until that point – and remain consistent from that point onwards – the reduction in your weight loss progress will be barely noticeable and perhaps even negligible. So feel free to live a little from time to time, but remain committed to your goals in the long run.

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