Don’t let a night out ruin your fitness goal progress

Don't let a night out ruin your fitness goal progressJust because you’re having a night out with friends and family doesn’t mean you have to bin all the hard work you’ve been putting in to attain your fitness goals.

It may seem like that in your quest for a better, more fit you, you’ve had to sacrifice quite a bit when it comes to spending your time working out or choosing your meals carefully to support weight loss. Every once and a while you may encounter a situation where you’ve been invited to a night out with friends or invited to a family celebration, and while you may feel the temptation to throw caution to the wind and eat things that are terrible for you and will make you backslide on your goals, you can still go out and have a good time without running into such a predicament.

it’s not just what you eat, but how much of it

We all know that no one has ever eaten their way to a flat stomach by way of a bag of crisps, as unhealthy junk foods will leave you feeling sluggish and with the exact opposite of a six pack abs. However, if you’ve been otherwise keeping to a very strict diet and refusing to indulge in these kinds of junk foods, you can on occasion indulge a bit without ruining all your good progress.

The trick is to change the amount of what you’re eating when you’re consuming the sort of rubbish you pick up at the corner shop in the middle of the night because you’re craving something salty or sweet. This means that yes, you can have that slice of cake or that scoop of ice cream, but you can’t have more than that if you want to keep up on the highly restrictive dietary regime needed to get yourself fit, so pass on seconds when it comes to dessert!

would it kill you to eat a salad?

On that same token, you can actually have a nice, full dessert if your main course doesn’t consist of things that are terrible for you, either. If you’re eating a heaping plate of some monstrous meal that’s been battered and then deep-fried, you’re doing some serious damage to your diet – not to mention the assault you’re launching on your arteries – so do the smart thing and order a meal that’s got plenty of vegetables and protein whilst going lightly on the fried, processed, or high-carbohydrate foods.

Good examples of how to stay healthy whilst eating out is to order a grilled chicken dish instead of a fried one, or ordering a salad with the dressing on the side instead of already on the dish itself. Another fantastic way to save on empty calories is to have water instead of a sugary soft drink at meals, and while it may pain you to do so, limit the pints down at the pub: alcoholic beverages are empty calories, so leave off the suds for a special occasion!

Image: Bulgarski Pizza & Beer by Minor Prophet

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