Do you have to diet to get abs?

Do you have to diet to get abs?No question is asked more than the following one: All I need to do to get ripped abs is a shedload of stomach crunches and sit ups, right?

Nobody ever likes the answer to that question, and for good reason: the answer is always an unmitigated and unequivocal No. There’s no way you’re going to get a six pack if you just do nothing but ab exercises all day every day and neglect the one most important thing you can (and must) do: change your eating habits.

Face the facts

It’s not going to make you or anyone else happy to hear this, but it’s the pure simple truth that you need to change your eating habits if you want to gain muscle definition in your core. If you want to hear the whistles of appreciation every time you lift your shirt to reveal your flat stomach and perfect abdominal muscles, you’re going to have to work hard – very, very hard – to achieve these goals.

This is because the biggest determining factor of whether or not you have visible abdominal muscles isn’t the size of your abs themselves but the amount of abdominal body fat you possess. Abdominal fat – one of the most stubborn types of fat to eliminate – sits above your ab muscles, and unless you can reduce your total body fat to between 3 per cent and 4 per cent, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to reduce your amount of abdominal fat to the point where your abs themselves become visible.

So how do you do it?

That being said, just because the process is a difficult one does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that it will be impossible. In fact you can see with your own eyes just how possible it is, with a wide array of celebrities and athletes sporting ripped abs, showing them off at any and every opportunity; the trick, of course, is that these people have the kind of of lifestyle where they can afford to expend time, energy, and cash on making this happen, while the rest of us are usually too busy running to and from work or shuttling the kids from school or other activities to be able to accomplish these goals so quickly.

However, there are ways to still get a flat stomach and show off your abs to the world; while you don’t have the resources that these famous folks do, you can gain access to a currency that anyone else can: sheer determination. If you spend each and every day living your life, to the best of your ability, in ways that will result in the loss of body fat, you too can have six pack abs as well – though the path will be longer and the results will take more time.

In order to cut down on the amount of your body fat, you need to eat properly. This means staying away from sugars and other carbohydrates and replacing them with proteins instead, and it also means eating less than you do now by a significant amount, but when you combine these changes to your diet with regular, moderate cardiovascular exercise – not just hundreds of abdominal crunches a week – the fat will melt away, leaving you with those abdominal muscles of your dreams.

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Image:  Diet Police by lydia_shiningbrightly

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