Dentists are DEAD WRONG about fluoride (part two)

Thanks for joining me for the second half of this two-parter examining ways to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to dangerous levels of fluoride.

This is especially prevalent for those amongst you already working through The Definition Method program, given the amount of water you’re expected to drink as part of this or any weight loss or six pack abs regime.

If you missed the previous post highlighting a few of the myths surrounding fluoride and its synthetic cousin, please click the link below and read that first as the background to today’s article.

Why drinking water can damage your IQ (surprising)

When you’re done, you can continue here with our guide to avoiding fluoride, even shutting off points of entry completely by adopting The Definition Method diet.

Where does fluoride enter our system?

The main source of fluoride is drinking water, most water containing some degree of natural fluoridation depending upon the source’s surrounding environment.

Toothpaste is another direct source and, reading the instructions on the NHS page for childrens dosages for brushing their teeth, you’d have to say it’s a license for dentists to print their own paycheck in years to come.

There are several other routes that have become polluted with fluoride over the years that we really ought to be aware of.

It can be present in many antibiotics, not only those given to humans, but also in sizeable amounts administered to livestock.

This increases the chances of fluoride entering our diet after following consumption of boneless meat. During the deboning process, shards of bone containing concentrated levels of the mineral can contaminate the flesh.

Fluoride can also be airborne; the non-stick element on our pans releases fluoride in gaseous form upon heating. If we’re browning off our mince, there’s a good chance we’re breathing in fluoride.

Flouride can also enter the food chain through crops as it’s commonly found in pesticides.

What stands out about all of these instances is that fluoride contamination becomes prevalent following an industrial process or manufactured agent.

As such, our bodies have not yet evolved to deal with the accumulative effects of the mineral, let alone the synthetic form that we unwittingly consume through our tap water.

What are the effects of accumulative fluoride contamination?

Flouride accumulation can lead to more serious conditions than those authorities purport it protects against, namely cavities in and demineralisation of the teeth.

If excess amounts are consumed and left untreated, demineralisation of the bone and/or neurological side effects such as reduced IQ can develop into severe, even fatal, conditions over a sustained period of time.

Many everyday dietary components attack our teeth and from innumerate sources. Some of these bad eggs we’re aware of, others not so.

Sugar, predominantly refined types like fructose, is one of the major contributory groups to producing cravings for food in between meals. If you’ve been following my emails closely, you’ll be aware of this already.

Furthermore, fructose is one of the most culpable food groups for dumping sugar onto our teeth. This refined sugar can be found in fruit juices and soda as well as in many processed foods.

No genuine direct evidence to support the argument that fluoride is a benefit to dental caries exists. To say that there’s a cloud hanging over this issue is a dire understatement and makes you wonder how far authorities will go to protect their own interests.

Whether the stubbornness to question its inclusion in our water supply stems from commercial viability for extracting synthetic fluoride from waste product or the admission and subsequent reeling in of fluoridation projects such as the one in the West Midlands, which supplies 84% of its populace, who knows?

The Definition Method circumvents many of fluoride’s points of entry

You could see why both would be sticky wickets to defend, especially in the current economical climate. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely you’ll see much movement on the subject soon. But you’re in a very unique position to defend yourself, situated as you are reading this article.

Understanding these lesser known facts about fluoride is of little concern for those of you who’ve already chosen to adopt The Definition Method program of tailored exercise and its accompanying natural diet. Why?

Well, let’s recap on where it enters the food chain and see where we’ve already covered our bases.

Knowing what you do about looking out for fructose and glucose as a student of this blog and my fat loss secrets e-course, you’ve greatly reduced your exposure on that score. No corn syrup, no carbonated drinks – especially the ‘diet’ kind – and no fruit juice. Job done there.

By following the Definition Method diet, you kill yet another two birds with the same single stone.

Firstly, there’s absolutely no room in your diet for processed meals of any kind, providing you stick to our proven menu. That’s that hatch closed.

And finally, we promote organic ingredients when- and wherever possible, thus fear of pollutants getting into your diet through pesticides is eradicated almost completely. And that’s nipped that entry point in the bud, too.

With regards to toothpaste and non-stick pans, all we can do is suggest checking the fluoride levels on your toothpaste and be tentative around your Teflon. Not that Teflon has any higher or lower percentages than any other non-stick coating, as far as we’re aware.

What you will have to strongly consider from hereon in is your personal choice of water supply.

Now might be as good a point as any to acknowledge you’ve got a lot of it to drink over the coming months. A trip to your local supermarket with enough space in the boot for a few 5-litre containers of mineral water may well be in order.

What’s your favourite bottled water? Are there any decent offers on that you could share with fellow readers in the comments, below?

We’d love to hear your feedback and if you’re aware of your local authority planning to reduce the amount of fluoridation in your borough in the face of these new theories coming to light.

Catch you soon.

Martin Smith
Author of The Definition Method
[email protected]

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