Can stable blood sugar lead to quick weight loss?

Can stable blood sugar lead to quick weight loss?Everyone knows that eating healthy and regular exercise leads to weight loss, but what role does stabilising your blood sugar levels play in the equation?

Unless you happen to suffer from diabetes, you probably don’t know much about glucose, or blood sugar, and how it effects your body in a detailed manner. You may know that excessively low blood sugar can cause feelings of lethargy while high glucose levels can lead to an overabundance of energy, but the truth is that if you can keep your blood sugar as stable as possible, you stand a good change of maximising your weight loss in both the amount of weight you actually lose and in the speed in which it comes off you.

Stability is key to controlling hunger

The truth about any weight loss plan is that it can start and both end in the kitchen. Controlling what you put into your body and in what amounts is the lion’s share of any successful weight loss regime, and anyone who’s attempted changing their eating habits can attest to how the biggest foe most of us will face is controlling our appetite and curbing our hunger.

It is here that keeping stable blood sugar levels can benefit you if you’re trying your best to lose weight. When glucose levels within your body plummet, it triggers an appetite response, making you feel hungry – and making it much harder to avoid temptation – but when your blood sugar levels fluctuate less, these hunger signals don’t get sent, making it easier to pass up that slice of pizza or bowl of ice cream!

Easier said than done?

You don’t have to take insulin injections to manage your blood sugar levels. While it sounds easier said than done, you can do it naturally and safely by altering what you eat, as there are foods that are more conducive to keeping your glucose levels stable than those that are not.

One type of food to avoid is anything that has a high raw carbohydrate content, such as soft drinks, most types of candy, and baked goods made with enriched, white flower. This is because the types of carbohydrates contained within these foods are low in fiber, which leads to being metabolised much quicker and flooding your bloodstream with glucose.

Instead, you should look for foods with either a low carbohydrate count, a high fiber content, or that are good sources of protein. Just as fiber slows down the rate that high carbohydrate foods are metabolised, meals high in protein are adept in controlling the release of glucose into your bloodstream, which allows you to feel less hungry for longer after your meal – and making it much easier to meet your target weight loss goals as a result!

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