Can a high protein diet help you lose weight fast?

ProteinMuch has been said about the efficacy of a high protein diet when related to weight loss, but is such a diet a safe and reliable way to shed excess weight?

Fad diets are nothing new under the sun, especially in a modern society that holds instant results in high regard and time and effort spent on anything besides work is at a premium. New, supposedly ‘miracle’ diets come and go all the time, all of which are always ‘guaranteed’ to leave you looking great and feeling fit in just a few weeks; one of these diets constantly talked about is the high protein diet, but how effective is a high protein diet in achieving your weight loss goals?

the science is surprisingly sound

Believe it or not, there’s quite a bit of scientific research backing up how switching to a high protein diet can support your efforts to lose weight. Increasing the amount of foods you eat that are high in protein whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of carbohydrates you eat can keep your blood sugar levels more stable, reduce water retention within your body, and cause fat deposits to be metabolised and converted into sugars for the energy your body needs to function.

High protein diets are useful for controlling hunger as well, as protein-rich foods take longer to digest, leaving you feeling full and more sated for a longer period of time unlike high carbohydrate foods, which are digested much more quickly, flooding your body with sugar that can race through your body, sending you on a blood sugar roller-coaster that can leave you ‘crashing’ in just a short while afterwards, but protein keeps your glucose levels flat and stable, eliminating the possibility of such a sugar crash.

the drawbacks to a high protein diet

Of course a high protein diet – much like any other diet – isn’t without its problems and drawbacks, one of which being the fact that protein takes much more water to metabolise than carbohydrates or even fats. While this high water requirement is what makes a high protein diet ideal for eliminating water retention within the body, it also means that anyone on a high protein diet must supplement by drinking more water than they are accustomed to unless they wish to risk suffering from dehydration.

There are additional dangers to adopting a high protein diet, especially for anyone who wishes to continue such a diet longer than ten to twelve weeks. There are certain nutritional requirements that a high protein diet may not fulfill adequately, which could lead to adverse health effects unless you are under the watchful eye of a dietitian or another qualified health professional, so never embark on a high protein diet without first consulting a medical expert and seeking detailed advice and guidance, as going it alone could see you actually causing more harm than good to your body in the long run.

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