Are you getting enough exercise every week?

ExerciseDid you know that there’s not only a certain amount of weekly exercise you should undertake in order to remain fit but particular types of exercise as well?

It’s true – medical experts say that you need a certain amount – and type – of exercise every week in order to maintain optimum health and fitness. It’s a rare individual that feels that they’re as fit as they want to be and that they’re happy with their overall health levels, but if you’re looking for information on the type of exercise you should be taking every week and how much activity you should be engaging in, here’s a few top tips on the best way to keep yourself both strong and healthy.

It’s all in the repetition

For the best results when it comes to improving your health, medical experts say that you need to engage in regular, consistent activity throughout the week and repeat that level of activity from week to week. This can take the form of either two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity or an hour and fifteen minutes of vigorous aerobic activity.

Aerobic activity is any sort of activity that gets you breathing hard and gets your blood thumping in your veins. Examples of moderate activity could be walking briskly or playing a game of basketball, while vigorous activity would be jogging, running, or playing football or rugby; a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes worth of moderate activity 5 days a week, or 15 minutes a day five days a week for vigorous activity.

it’s not just aerobics

There’s more to your health and fitness than just working up a good sweat for a few minutes five days a week. In fact, medical experts say that you also need to ensure that you incorporate muscle-strengthening activities into your weekly fitness regime as well in order to reap the best benefits to your health.

Muscle strengthening exercises need not take place in a gym and use barbells, free weights, or exercise equipment if you don’t have access to such machinery. In fact, simple body-weight exercises such as push-ups can build muscle strength just as effectively, and engaging in activity such as digging in your garden can also act as muscle strengthening, provided that you do enough of it to make a difference.

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