3 more BELLY BUSTING shortcuts (no exercise required)

Welcome back, fitness friends.

I hope you enjoyed my last exercise-free prep for your body article. I assume you’re back for more of the same today?

Great, let’s get stuck in to parts 4-6 of our simple tips to DOUBLE your fat loss and get a six pack mini-series.

For those of you who’ve missed parts 1-3, you really should read what this is all about here before picking up for the second of this diet-only pre-workout fitness guide.

Okay, everybody with me? Then I’ll begin.

4. Six steps, six meals, six pack

Whilst avoiding exercise completely will never get you the washboard abs look from the cover of a Men’s Health magazine, by eating regularly you’ll at least prime your metabolism ready for the day you do decide to begin your program.

One of the best ways to shake up your metabolism is to keep throwing food at your gut for it to deal with, hence keeping it permanently active.

By food, we obviously don’t mean any old processed ping meal or fish and chips thrice daily. A bespoke diet tailored to your circumstances, your goals and your abilities is called for.

There’s a huge misconception, one normally believed by those who don’t seek out dietary advice, that eating less will help you lose weight.

To the untrained mind, you can perhaps see how people draw that conclusion, but nothing could be further from the truth. Eating too little triggers our body’s ‘starvation mode’ and has the reverse effect for those looking to procure defined abs or lose weight in general.

Much of the DNA we carry stems from the time we were evolving. One can only imagine the rarity of food in an Ice Age winter; yet, somehow, we managed to come through those harsh times, mainly due to our bodies’ ability to store fat in times of famine.

That coding is inherent in modern day man and is perhaps even sharpened by the abundance of food accessible today. Six hours without a morsel could be deemed as a period of famine, let alone six weeks or months.

The moment our bodies think that we’re starving, upon the occasion that we do decide to feed it, it’s already made the decision to set some of the nutrient aside for the next time we’re Spartan with our diet.

Hence, our metabolism is slowed, we only burn the precise amount we need and the remainder is deposited for a time yet to be ordained in fat cells around our body.

By setting our caloric goals, distributing that sum equally over five, preferably six, meals a day, we’re never inducing starvation mode. Rather, we’re constantly working our metabolism to not only burn the food we consume, but once it’s in overdrive, any fuel it can find is fair game.

This is why it’s imperative to prepare your own meals from scratch. Using raw ingredients, you know exactly what calories you’re going to be eating.

By leaving just one of your meals uncatered for, you genuinely are opening a window of opportunity for unscheduled calories. The mentality ‘just one won’t hurt’ is not one that’s going to get you a ripped six pack.

Oh crumbs, it’s cake and biscuits again

The snack world is not daft. It knows that for the majority, our diet is poor. Between meals when we get peckish, little provides that instant satisfaction than a sugar rush from a chocolate bar, slice of cake, a couple of digestives or even a can of cola or ‘good for you’ orange juice.

There is nothing worse for your diet than this type of snack. And I mean nothing.

Many such delicacies, even frosted cereals or plain, white bread, contain fructose sugars. They’re broken down easily by the body and spike insulin levels in your body that try to combat the ensuing sugar rush.

Because they’re easily broken down carbohydrates, the feeling that you’ve plugged a gap will not last until your next meal. So what do you do? Either starve or snack again. Neither help the cause.

The simplest way to combat this again falls back to being prepared with your home-made snacks.

Primarily, if you’re eating a mixture of fat and protein with every meal, you’re going to feel fuller for longer. Why?

Your GI tract takes longer to break these two food groups down than carbs alone.

Secondly, your system needs to use more calories to break down fats and protein than it does simple carbs, so not only do you feel satiated longer, but you get the added bonus of increasing your resting metabolism rate.

Yes, even while you sleep. That’s one of the reasons many dieticians helping people to lose weight cite 6pm in the evening a cut-off time for carbs.

Typically, you want to make sure that whole fruits, plenty of vegetables and a profusion of brown stuff (brown rice, brown pasta and wholemeal bread) constitute the majority of your intake in place of those refined sugary snacks that cause your blood sugar spikes.

Rather than give unused fat carte blanche permission to set up home in the most undesirable of places, many of your healthy snack replacements are also high in fibre, conversely helping to cleanse your intestines.

It’s called a beer-belly for a reason

And lastly in our six tips for a six pack without exercise mini-series, I’ve saved the crippler for last.

Alcohol. Simply don’t do it.

Irrespective of the high caloric content found in most booze, alcohol has a much more detrimental impact on your long-term muscle-building capability and weight loss goals.

Alcohol slows you down, brings your metabolism grinding to a halt, is chock-full of empty carbs that make you feel full although there’s nothing to keep your metabolism ticking over and it has an adverse effect on any slender muscle tone you may be starting to develop.

The explanation for alcohol’s effect is truly breaking scientific ground, talking about enzymes, hormones and acids that I’ve categorically sworn to avoid in The Definition Method. Same goes here.

Please, just trust me when I say that abstaining from alcohol for a month whilst you begin this discovery of the new you will do two things:

Shed considerable weight and girth from your ring of belly fat

Make you think twice about alcohol consumption in the long term, once you start to see the dramatic effects, whatever your age that abstinence from the bottle can deliver.

Of course, the physical effects and internal wellbeing you’ll get from adopting these six six pack steps are all well and good, but can be increased exponentially by supplementing your new outlook with a tailored exercise regime.

The Definition Method is tailored to you to get the best out of everything you do outside the gym to turn your washboard abs dream into reality. Quite simply, the sooner you start, the sooner you get there.

These tips are great, but no one is going to get you a six pack, except you.

Catch you soon,

Martin Smith
Author of The Definition Method
[email protected]

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